Call to Arms: Paralegal Student Association

Your Paralegal Student Association needs YOU!

Up until last year, the Paralegal Student Association (“PSA”) has had a strong core of students operating the organization and providing a wonderful connection between school and the working world. This fall semester, the Department of Legal Studies finds the PSA without a leader, without an executive committee. We are in need of officers, meaning the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, two Class Representatives, and a Sergeant at Arms. Students hold these positions for one-year terms.

Why revitalize this very important association? Previous PSA committees have provided speakers, social gatherings, fund-raising opportunities, and access to current information regarding the paralegal profession. Missed out on the latest Orange County Paralegal Association meeting? The PSA might have arranged for the students to attend together. Curious about paralegal life in a Fortune-500 law firm? The PSA might arrange for such a paralegal to share his or her experiences. Just dying to know the work a paralegal does for a large corporation? The PSA might get someone from Edison to speak. While the classroom is an excellent place to get trained, outside the classroom is where a student can absorb the true spirit of being a practicing paralegal.

By having an active organization in place, we can bring together the real world of paralegals to the students. That means…you need to fill out an application (which are located outside the Department office in Room 211 in Leo Hall) and leave it with Laura Cantrell in the Department office, or Pat Adongo, or Carolyn Bekhor.

Get in contact now. Every day the PSA goes without a leader is a day of learning lost.


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