New Magazine for Paralegals

KNOW magazineKNOW, The Magazine for Paralegals, is a new publication for Paralegals that hits the stands in June, 2008. Marketed as, “an outside-the-box, informative magazine balancing workstyle and life balance for paralegals,” the new mag should prove very interesting. Some planned articles include:

  • Famous TV Stars: What Fans Don’t Know About These Former Paralegals
  • Work Less, Earn More: Can You Ditch the 24/7 Stressful Routine?
  • The 10 Most Influential Paralegals in the Country
  • Trends Guaranteed to Change the Paralegal Profession
  • Diversity’s Little Secret: Are Caucasian Paralegals Doing Enough to Support African-American Paralegals?
  • Paralegals Succeeding Against All the Odds
  • Your Network is Your Net Worth
  • Wedding Cake Blues: When You Marry Your Job
  • Navigating a Male-Dominated Industry
  • New Case Law That Affects Your Career
  • Why Litigation Support Managers in BigLaw Can Earn Up to $200k Per Year
  • Can the IP Field Sustain Its Phenomenal Paralegal Growth?

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