Elections for Paralegal Student Association

Hello Legal Studies Students,

As you may recall, the Paralegal Student Association held its first meeting for 2009 on March 2. There, we discussed the positions available for election, which consist of the following:

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Secretary

4. Treasurer

5. Sergeant-at-arms

A description of the duties of each position is contained in the Constitution, along with the required Nomination Form. Please e-mail Carolyn Bekhor to receive a copy of the Nomination Form and the Constitution.

As is required by the Constitution, students are required to nominate themselves for a position. Thereafter, in April, an election shall be held and the positions will be voted upon by the Legal Studies students. The prevailing candidates then will take office in May. The term lasts one year from May to April.

Please note that on March 2, several students nominated themselves for each of the positions. If you are interested in running for these positions against the current nominees, please submit the Nominating Form, along with a brief statement about yourself and why you think you are fit for the position.

All Nominations and personal statements must be in Carolyn Bekhor’s office by March 20, 2009. The candidates will then be announced and the date of the elections. Elections will be done by e-mail.

The next PSA meeting is set for March 30, 2009, at 5:30 in Leo Hall, Rm. 101A. We will be planning for the graduation dinner in May and perhaps for another PSA activity in April.

Remember, your Paralegal Student Association is only as strong as you make it!

Posted by Carolyn Bekhor


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