August 31 is right around the corner, have you registered?

The University of La Verne’s semester is starting a week earlier, making the start date August 31 rather than after Labor Day. We’re almost ready to go. A few changes in the Legal Studies Department that you all should know about.

1. The domains of all our e-mail addresses have changed to rather We’ll still get ulv mail for a while but not for long, so you need to make sure to update your address books.

2. We’ve MOVED! Yup, the Legal Studies Department is now located in Miller Hall on the first floor (not the bottom basement floor), to the left of the front door off C street.

3. The Paralegal Student Association is a’hopping! For you younger folks, that means they’re really busy with all sorts of awesome activities in the coming semester. Please, please, please join our Paralegal Student Association Yahoo! Group to be the first to hear what’s going on. Check it out! Get registered!

4. Speaking of the Legal Studies New Student Orientation, all students are welcome! Even you old timers, and non-Legal Studies students. We’ll be having snacks while we review all the ins and outs of our department.  Representatives from the Paralegal Student Association will be present to talk about what’s going on in the upcoming year. Please come on Wednesday, September 9th in Leo Hall at 6:00 p.m.

As always, if you have any questions, please e-mail us!


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