The Best Undergraduate Major for the LSAT

According to a study done by Michael Nieswiadomy of the University of North Texas and reported in the ABA journal, the majors that got the highest scores were physics and math majors. Pre-law and criminal justice majors did the worst. Here’s a question for you: where do you find the geniuses and persons with the highest IQ?

Math and physics.

So is it the major that gets these students to perform well? Or the fact that they are the “smartest” students taking the LSAT?

Here’s another study for you by Kerma Partners and Redwood, a branch of Lexis-Nexis in 2008, that says school rank (directly connected with the LSAT score) and GPA aren’t the best predictors of success as a lawyer in a big law firm. Meaning you can be a “B” student, in a non-math major, getting a respectable but not outrageously high LSAT, going to a school other than the top five law schools, and you can STILL succeed as a lawyer in a larger law firm. Maybe so…

Hey, how about this? Follow what your heart tells you. Choosing a major you love will make you happier, more at peace, more motivated to do well. Yes, do what you love. You will have a greater chance, perhaps, at finding personal success and on your death bed you won’t be wishing you’d majored in math.


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