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Legally Me: The Struggle of Officially Redefining Yourself

Thought this was such a thoughtful and real post on the life of a lawyer who happens to be transgender. Worth a read.

That Guy Kas: Adventures of a Trans* Dude

About two weeks ago, the State of California, through a LA Superior Court judge, granted my legal name and gender change. I was very emotional when I finally got my hands on the certified copy of the court order. This was what I had been waiting for.

I filed my petition for a name and gender change back in February. I would have done it sooner, but the filing fee in LA Superior Court is $435, and I was still catching up on bills and debts following my graduation from law school and the following 5 months without income.

So I filed in February. All the websites I had read on the subject of filing a name and gender change made it clear that the petition would take about 6 weeks to process and grant. The state would have to clear my paperwork, and then run a criminal background checkā€¦

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