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So you got an e-mail suggesting you download the syllabus from Blackboard…

Do you know where Blackboard is located? Check out the homepage of University of La Verne. On the right hand side is a link that says “Current Students.” Beneath the link is another one that says…”Blackboard.” Once there, you can log into Blackboard using your student id and pin no. If you’re having trouble logging into Blackboard, contact the Technology help desk at x4130 or e-mail them at help at Once you’re in Blackboard, you should have access to all the classes you’re enrolled in, save courses for which the professor does NOT use Blackboard.

If you’re in a class taught by Professor Adongo or myself, C. Bekhor, then you will see our classes.

Click on the appropriate class and away you go! If you’re still having trouble, check out the following link for a guide on how to download documents from Blackboard to your computer: Screencast video.

See you Monday!

C. Bekhor