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Ever wonder if Superman would be held liable for all the damage he does to city buildings? Or if She-Hulk would have a right to privacy claim when she was photographed sunbathing? These are very valid questions that need exploring. So a couple of blogs that will help answer such questions:

  • Law and the Multiverse – this is an up and running blog that’s regularly updated.
  • Superhero Law – this hasn’t been active in quite a while but has some great blog posts.
  • Legal Geeks – this is a great blog. How can it not be? Admitted Geeks discussing all kinds of things from a legal point of view such as Dune and Battlestar Galactica



In our Law in Film and Literature class, we’ve been talking about the role of stories in trials and litigation. Many famous trials were won or lost based on stories presented by the prosecution or defense that “flew” with the jury or the public.  An example of a winning story that the jury ultimately accepted was used for O.J. Simpson. The story there was of an American football hero being persecuted by a racist police force. It worked.

Here’s a website that offers stories behind famous trials, aptly entitled, “Awesome Stories.”

Check it out!