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Legally Me: The Struggle of Officially Redefining Yourself

Thought this was such a thoughtful and real post on the life of a lawyer who happens to be transgender. Worth a read.

That Guy Kas: Adventures of a Trans* Dude

About two weeks ago, the State of California, through a LA Superior Court judge, granted my legal name and gender change. I was very emotional when I finally got my hands on the certified copy of the court order. This was what I had been waiting for.

I filed my petition for a name and gender change back in February. I would have done it sooner, but the filing fee in LA Superior Court is $435, and I was still catching up on bills and debts following my graduation from law school and the following 5 months without income.

So I filed in February. All the websites I had read on the subject of filing a name and gender change made it clear that the petition would take about 6 weeks to process and grant. The state would have to clear my paperwork, and then run a criminal background check…

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Law and Fantasy

Ever wonder if Superman would be held liable for all the damage he does to city buildings? Or if She-Hulk would have a right to privacy claim when she was photographed sunbathing? These are very valid questions that need exploring. So a couple of blogs that will help answer such questions:

  • Law and the Multiverse – this is an up and running blog that’s regularly updated.
  • Superhero Law – this hasn’t been active in quite a while but has some great blog posts.
  • Legal Geeks – this is a great blog. How can it not be? Admitted Geeks discussing all kinds of things from a legal point of view such as Dune and Battlestar Galactica


Welcome to Spring 2010!

The Legal Studies Department welcomes all new and returning students to the La Verne campus. We’ve got lots planned for the semester and look forward to seeing our students participating and being a part of the Legal Studies community. Keep your eyes open for an invitation to the New Legal Studies Student Orientation (set for February 22), and for the next Paralegal Student Association meeting.

We have a new adjunct instructor joining us this semester: Terry Conaway. She’ll be teaching Contracts over at the law school library in Ontario.

Professor Michael Dowd is back and he’s teaching a combination class of Property/Bankruptcy. Two subjects for the price of one! What more can you ask.

Professor Adongo is teaching Legal Research and Writing, and Litigation I.

And last but not least, Yours Truly…Carolyn Bekhor…is teaching American Legal Studies, Business Organizations, Legal Ethics and everyone’s favorite, Senior Project.

Please don’t hesitate to stop by our offices in Miller Hall to say, hi, or, get some advising or help with your classes. We’re here to help you succeed!

Oops! New Cell Phone Law Neglected Texting

Here’s an Interesting article reflecting problems with statutory drafting, the legislature, and technology. Perhaps our legislators were simply not familiar with new-fangled cell phones? From the ABA Journal:

California lawmakers took a step in the right direction when they prohibited drivers from talking on handheld cell phones under a new law that takes effect July 1.

But they missed an opportunity by not at the same time prohibiting drivers from sending text messages, says a Mercury News editorial.

“That requires not only holding a device but looking at it,” the San Jose newspaper points out. “And doesn’t texting take two hands? This would leave steering to—what, the elbows?”

And to answer the newspaper’s question, I don’t text with both hands, I only use one. Makes driving perfectly feasible.


Inland Counties Association of Paralegals: March Meeting Reminder

Please attend the March meeting of the Inland Counties Association of Paralegals (ICAP). It will be on Thursday March 20 at 5:30 at the El Torito Mexican Grill in San Bernardino. Do ATTEND!

Los Angeles Paralegal Association’s Career Conference

Set aside another date: Saturday, April 12, to attend LAPA’s Spring Career Conference. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with working paralegals and employers.

Contact C. Bekhor if you’re interested in attending or carpooling.

I Voted!

Did you?